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The Magical Princess Guarantee


Our goal at Magical Princess Entertainment is to never have to cancel a party.


We are so confident that all of our private bookings come with The Magical Princess Guarantee. If somehow, we cancel on your party, as well as refunding all of your money, we will also give your child a gift valued at minimum of 80% of the cost of your package.


The Magical Princess Guarantee will automatically start as soon as you receive the booking confirmation from us.


As a professional entertainment company, we only take bookings that we can fill. This provides you with a streamlined stress-free experience. You can be confident that once you receive a booking confirmation email that your party is 100% locked in.


The Gift


If Magical Princess Entertainment has to cancel your booking, we will be in contact to arrange the gift within 5 business days. We will work with you to find a suitable gift for your child. The gift will be a minimum of 80% of the value of the package you booked, but our goal will be to get as close to what you should have paid as we can. We will need to factor in the postage costs, etc.


We are more than happy to send you one expensive item or find multiple smaller ones.


Unfortunately, we can’t send gift vouchers and this offer is not redeemable for cash. It also won’t be an expensive bottle of wine or something else for you the client.


If your booking would include a travel fee or any other fee, we would only include the package price when determining the price of the gift. For example: if you booked a one-hour package for $200 with a $15 travel fee and a PayPal fee of $7.50 for a total of $222.50, we would only take into account the $200 when determining the value of the gift we would send you.


Terms and Conditions


When booking with us make sure you are prompt with your replies. If we don’t have enough details to lock you in then we can’t guarantee that we can do your event. The Magical Princess Guarantee doesn’t come into effect until we send out a Confirmed Booking Sheet. If we are unable to do your event for any reason before the Confirmed Booking Sheet is sent to you the offer is void.


The Magical Princess Guarantee only applies if Magical Princess Entertainment cancels the booking. If you (the client) need to cancel or reschedule and we do not have availability on the new date then the offer is void.


The offer is also void if we have to cancel or reschedule due to force majeure. For example, if the weather is forecast to be 35 degrees and the party is due to take place outside in a park. Another example would be if rain is forecast and the party is going to be outside in your backyard. If anything like this happens, we would either need to reschedule or cancel if you can’t change the location or date.


There is a chance that we may cancel due to you changing the venue to one that also does costumed characters, which would void the offer. This won’t be an issue if you speak to us before you lock in the new location. Most homes, play centres, parks, restaurants, scout halls, community centres, etc, are completely fine. Date changes are also subject to availability. If you make any changes to the booking including but not limited to what is mentioned in this paragraph the offer would be void.


The Magical Princess Guarantee only applies to the character part of the package. Cobb & Co Carriages supplies the horses and carriage and you would need to talk to them if something were to happen. 


The Magical Princess Guarantee only applies to private bookings. Any other bookings including but not limited to: Balls, “Princess in a Park” events, community events, corporate bookings, events booked through third parties, or any other ticketed events, would not be covered by the guarantee.  


Magical Princes Entertainment reserves the right to make changes to The Magical Princess Guarantee at any time and without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions will be posted on this page immediately. If we cancel a booking make sure to contact us if you think an earlier version of the guarantee was in effect at the time you were sent your booking sheet. We will use the date the email with the booking sheet attached was sent to decide which version of the guarantee is valid.  


We are happy to answer all questions about The Magical Princess Guarantee. Check out our FAQ page.


The Magical Princess Guarantee will come into effect for all bookings placed on or after the 20th of March 2019 and will run until the 1st of August 2019. Any existing bookings that take place after the 20th of March will also be eligible.




Version 1.0 of The Magical Princess Guaranteed came into effect on the 20th of March 2019.