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3 Characters 1 Hour

Item Code: 3CH1hh
Price:  $615.00 incl. GST

3 Characters 1 Hour

Item Code: 3CH1hh
Price:  $615.00 incl. GST
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1 Hour Trio Package


  • 3 Characters of your choice-  themed character entertainment throughout
  • Pass the magic Box (pass the parcel)
  • Musical statues and dancing
  • Themed story telling
  • Live singing performance and sing along
  • Magical parachute games
  • Prizes for all the party guests
  • Photo opportunity
  • Magic Trick
  • Ballooning twisting (Flowers, animals, swords etc
  • Take Home Princess postcard

(Suitable for 5-60 Children)

all prices include GST

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If you purchase through the booking system without checking our availability first, there may be a slight chance we are fully booked and might not be able to do your booking if this happens we will give you a full refund.

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