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About Us

Payment can be made either Cash on the day or  via EFT  Bank Deposit one week before
Cheques are not accepted.
Cancellation Fee: if you decide to cancel your event we understand the unexpected can happen and are happy to cancel the party at no cost.
Travel Fee: Small Travel Fees will Occur depending on where you are located.

Terms and Conditions:  
  1. It is preferred that entertainment be held indoors, due to unpredictable weather that may cause harm to our beautiful costumes and props (i.e. dirt, mud, water). If you wish to hold the Event outdoors, please provide a rug and other comfortable things such as cushions for the children and for your entertainer to rest on
  2. It is mandatory that the event host or mum of the birthday child be close at hand at the end to provide payment at the conclusion of the performance.
  3. When paying your entertainer at the end, please make sure it is away from the children as the ruins the magical experience and illusion. 
  4. When making your booking clients agree that all Princess Characters will be provided by 'Magical Princess Entertainment' at your event. Unfortunately we cannot work side of side another Princess or character  company.
  5. While the duration of your child's magical experience. please make sure you only address your entertainer by their character name and only by their character name.
  6. If you have booked face painting during your time with us, please make sure that there are two cups of water and a table available for your princess to clean and wash her paint brushes.
  7. The most important rule: Have a great time, sit back, and enjoy! :) 
Q & A:
Which Locations are you able to make appearances and or visit?
We will travel all around Melbourne and surrounding areas of Victoria, but please note depending on where you are located, a travel fee will possibly occur 

Can I pick the performer that does my party?
 Unfortunately due our rostering and fluctuating schedules we cannot allocate a specific performer to your party, but rest assured all our performers are wonderful!
We have many top reviews on our website showcasing the talent and performance of all our performers, you can also view many of current clientele reviews on our facebook page attesting to our exceptional standard.

How much room do I need?

Our performers are accustom to doing parties in a wide range of different spaces. As a guide enough room for the children to create a circle and dancing room is necessary. If space is an issue our performers can utitlize whatever space is available and will adjust their games accordingly again just discuss this with them during your confirm call prior to your party so they are aware and can plan in advance.

Will an Adult need to be present for the duration of the entertainment?
While the adult hosting the event does not need to be present, at least one adult must be present to supervise the entertainment. The adult(s) must be engaged, and further assistance may be requested if there are more than two children three years and under. Although our performers are trained to draw the attention of the children, it is not their responsibility to control unruly crowds.  If any damage is done to our costumes or materials, the customer will be billed accordingly. 

When do I need to serve the party food?
There are a number of ways you can organize the serving of party food. If you have the party children arriving half hour or so before the entertainment you may like to serve the food then. Alternatively you are welcome to serve the party food 40 mins into your party package , at this time your entertainer will have concluded all the interactive games, singing and storytelling and will have commenced the ballooning and or face painting which will happily continue while the kids eat. Otherwise you can always serve party food once the entertainer has waved everyone goodbye. Just let your performer know which order you plan to run with, keeping in mind your performer is happy to sing happy birthday and pose for photo’s at cake time, a really special memory so well worth factoring into your party time.  For afternoon or morning tea style parties you may like to simply have some food out for the kids so they can nibble throughout as they wish.
What is your policy on tipping performers? 
While it is not mandatory to tip performers, it is greatly appreciated! 
How Do I book my Event? 
Once you have chosen which package you would like along with your chosen character.
please go to the Contact us Form and fill out all the details required. You will then receive a reply email within 24 hours


Please Note: We have no affiliation with The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, DC comics, Star Wars etc. All of our characters are inspired by the classic fairytales